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Training Principles

  1. Perform one set of 4-6 exercises for the lower body and 6-8 exercises for the upper body, and no more than 12 exercises in any single workout.

  2. Select a resistance on each exercise that allows you to do between 8-12 repetitions in smooth, steady form, through the full range of motion.  If 8 repetitions cannot be performed properly, the resistance is too heavy.  If 12 or more repetitions can be performed properly, the resistance is too light.

  3. Continue each exercise until no additional repetitions are possible in good form.  When 12 or more repetitions are performed properly, increase the resistance by approximately 5% at the next workout.

  4. Make certain that the rotational axis of the cam of all rotary exercises is in line with the joint axis of the body part that is being moved.

  5. Position your body in a straight, aligned manner.  Avoid twisting or shifting your weight during the movement.

  6. Maintain a loose, comfortable grip.  Never squeeze the hand grips tightly as this results in elevated blood pressure.

  7. For overall growth stimulation, select exercises that isolate and work the largest muscle groups first, then proceed down to the smaller muscle groups.   Example: hips, thighs, back, shoulders, chest, arms, and neck.

  8. Accentuate the lowering portion of each repetition.  Lift resistance or perform positive work to the count of two seconds, pause, and lower to the count of four.

  9. Use as much of your range of motion as possible on each machine to develop full range strength and flexibility.  Concentrate on flexibility by slowly stretching during the first 3 repetitions.

  10. Breath normally.  Try not to hold your breath while training.

  11. Move slower, never faster, if in doubt about speed of movement.

  12. Walk quickly from machine to machine.  The longer the rest between machines, the less effective the cardiovascular conditioning.  Do not, however, sacrifice form for speed.

  13. Move very quickly, less than 3 seconds, from primary exercise to the secondary exercise in all double machines.

  14. Follow the routine as the exercises are numbered on your workout sheet, however, any time the machine you are to do next is being used, go to another exercise and then return to the machine that was in use.

  15. Finish your entire workout in 20 to 30 minutes.

  16. Rest a minimum of 48 hours and not more than 96 hours between successive workouts.

  17. Keep accurate records.

  18. Vary workouts often.

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