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I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for successfully brokering those two collectible machines.  If I sold them on my own, the prices would have ended up lower, and two transactions rather than one would almost certainly have been needed along with the shipping hassles.  Allowing you to handle it was the right move.      Ed (PA)

I just wanted to thank you so much for the arrival of my Nautilus hip and back machine. It actually exceeded my expectation for the condition it is in - it is almost new!  Dave was very efficient and professional in delivering it and I am using it 3x a week like the old days.. My glutes and low back thank you!         Bill (Arizona)

Bill provided us with the best price and resale value for our equipment. From day 1 the experience and communication was smooth. If you’re looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of fitness and rehab equipment, Bill is the best around. Dave, who does the equipment pickups (By himself!) was in and out in lightning like fashion, it was quite impressive to be honest. I will absolutely do business with Bill and Dave again in the future.  David, Director of Physical Therapy (Florida)

I purchased a great line of Medx equipment through Bill Casto this year, and was really pleased with the entire process from initial point of contact, payment plans, getting invoices sent in a timely fashion, planning delivery date with Dave Goalder and final installation. We had regular phone communication, and he even offered valuable feedback on ideal equipment layouts in my new space. You can be confident you will get exactly what you are buying when working with Bill, or even better!  There are a lot of scammers out there in the used equipment business, and Bill is definitely not one of them.  When I called around to other people that I knew who had worked with Bill in the past, everyone only had positive things to say about working with him. My experience matched the words and experience of everyone else - top leaders in my industry too. 


Bill is kind, professional, knowledgable, fun to work with and I would buy from him again in a heartbeat- in fact, I have already made plans to buy another piece of equipment from him and can't wait to get my hands on it. I can not recommend working with Bill enough, You will not regret it. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention how professional and skilled Dave Goalder was at getting my 18 pieces out of his truck and into my facility in less than 6 hours. Legendary.  Thanks Bill!!    Owen in No Cal.

From the moment I first spoke with Bill, he was well organized and professional every step of the way from finding me a buyer through the acquisition process.  He provided me with the contact information for the buyer and guided me through the selling process of our Medx medical testing equipment.  I would highly recommend Bill for his service and would look to him to help in any other future equipment disposition.      Scott PT, (North Carolina)

I'd like to thank IFR for the fantastic service and assistance I've received.  For years I had searched for a Nautilus OME machine and had lost all hope of ever attaining one of these.  Out of a whim I did another search on the internet last year and found IFR.  Bill not only had access to the machine but he had access to several of them.  He worked very hard to find me the most recent generation machine available and brokered a great deal for me.  It was delivered as promised and in fantastic shape.  As new looking as the last one I used in in a California gym in 1994--perfect in every detail.  The driver that delivered the machine was particularly fantastic.  He didn't simply drop the machine at my door.  He worked hard to get it inside and put it in place while treating my floors and walls as if they were his own--with no concern with how long it took him to do it.  Thank you so much Bill for everything.  Best wishes.        Tom C.

Hi Bill, I would like to say that it's been a great pleasure doing business with you again. Your knowledge on equipment is unsurpassed. After 2 months of unsuccessfully trying to sell a rare nautilus machine myself through the eBay / craigslist channels, I finally turned to you for help. And wouldn't you know it within two weeks you had a buyer. I hope to do a lot more business again.           All the best -Brian (PA)

Just wanted to say thanks again for affording me the opportunity to purchase the Avenger shoulder press.  It's truly amazing and universally loved by our athlete group and open gym members alike!   Bud (Idaho)

What should we call what Bill Casto does?  A used strength machine salesman?  A repairer and refurbisher of said equipment?  A raconteur of Nautilus related tales?  All that's true I suppose but my own take on Bill relates more to his role as a teacher.  I like to learn new things and I'm inclined to pay attention when I discover new sources of knowledge.  Question always remains though;how accurate or thorough is the purveyor?   After my first phone talk with Bill there was no doubt in my mind that this gentleman was deeply versed in his subject.  What's more,his burning passion for conveying that knowledge was startlingly evident.  This was not your average business guy.  Neither demeaning or overly solicitous Bill engaged my attention for over an hour.  No insistence on my committing to buying anything from him either.  After our talk was over I realized I had just gotten my first lesson in Casto's classroom.  It would not be my last.    Over time Bill went out of his way to assess my interests as well as to present options for setting up a home gym in a way that would have been impossible for me to judge on my own.    If you deal with Bill you are not merely purchasing equipment.  You are also electing a wise guide who will cause you to live better.     Dave (Conn)

Just opened our second Body By Berle Personal Training Center with a Nautilus Circuit purchased from Bill Casto, IFR and we could not be happier with the transaction from start to finish!  Even before ordering, Bill kindly offered his assistance in designing a functional lay-out for the limited space that we were working with, and it was his floor plan that convinced us that the space we had would work well for the equipment that we had in mind!  Turn around time from order to delivery was incredibly fast.  The delivery was courteous and professional, with the utmost care taken to protect the location and the machines being delivered.

And most importantly, the entire circuit was in fantastic condition both aesthetically and functionally - we could not be happier if we had purchased a brand new circuit at three times the cost!    Richard (NYC)

Bill:  Dave just delivered the Nautilus Nitro Leg Press and as usual your description of the machine was right on the money!  It's nice to do business with someone you can trust. I would recommend you to anyone looking for used gym equipment.  Scott (Michigan)


Incredible site, it's like Christmas for me at 41 yrs. old!  Love all the great photos and nostalgia...    Chris

Bill Casto is a walking talking Nautilus encyclopedia!  His knowledge and passion for these unique fitness machines is second to none!  Thanks so much for all of the free help and advice on the topic!  Your commitment to quality service is amazing in a day and age when those things are taken for granted.     Steve

Mr. Goalder brought the double chest machine today.  It really is a nice machine.  I am most impressed with his service.  He actually moved my Nautilus super pullover machine across the room in order to allow me to have the double chest machine exactly where I wanted it.  He also gave me some pretty good advice on how to move the machines if I need to do so in the future.  

I am really extremely pleased with the equipment and the service.  I have been reading the articles on your website for some time now and have found the IFR “Nautilus Resources” most useful.  In fact, I spoke with you on the telephone some time ago—perhaps a year and a half ago—about rebuilding a machine.  You gave me a great deal of good information that enabled me to rebuild a machine that literally had been outdoors for a decade. 

I wrongly assumed that I could not afford to purchase from IFR despite the fact that I had read a compelling testimonial on your website from a young woman who specifically said she found both the price of the machine and the delivery very affordable.  I am an electrical engineer working for a company that builds test systems for electromagnetic compatibility laboratories across the country (and around the world).  The company regularly moves equipment such as radio frequency power amplifiers that are larger and heavier than the Nautilus double chest machine.  So, I asked our shipping department to use their influence with several shipping companies to get me a favorable price for transporting some Nautilus equipment within the state Texas.  However, their prices could not compete with Mr. Goalder’s.  Moreover, they could only deliver the machines after they were palletized and then they could only deliver then to a loading dock.  As I said, Mr. Goalder not only brought the machine inside, he also moved another machine for me in order to accommodate the new one.  Honestly, I never would have believed that I could have purchased a Nautilus first generation double chest machine and had it delivered for the price that IFR charged.  Now that I have had the machine for a while I can see that it is in very good condition.  I must say that I very much appreciate IFR’s efforts in assessing the condition of the machine before I bought it.  So, I have to say I am most impressed with IFR and Mr. Goalder.  Thank you again for your consideration. I look forward to working with you in the future.      Jim (Austin, TX)

I just wanted to touch base to say that I really enjoy your web site. All of us who love Nautilus equipment and are actively collecting and training with these excellent machines are lucky to have you as an expert resource that we can call on when in need.  Your web site really knocks me out!  Jon (Maryland)

Bill, Kate & I enjoyed our trip to your warehouse last weekend.  I'm very happy with my purchases and am excited to start using the machines in my facility.  The multi tricep was an unexpected surprise at a great price.  Thanks, Edward (NY)

Dave Goalder delivered the Super Leg Extension this morning.  I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Brigitte just loves the machine.  She was never satisfied with our old plate-loaded leg extension / leg curl combo which basically was just an arm swinging on a pivot point (no cam action).  The machine is exactly what she wanted.  Ed (PA)

Bill, thanks for making the transaction go smoothly.  The equipment I received from you exceeded my expectations as far as condition. I look forward to doing business with you again and would definitely recommend anyone considering you to rest assured you are a pro at what you do!! Mike (Oklahoma)


I tried selling my gym equipment on Craig's List and had no success.  I then placed the equipment with Bill and IFR and it sold right away.  IFR got my gym equipment sold quickly and at a great price.  I'd use IFR again in a second.  Chris (CA)

Bill's website is absolutely invaluable for people who own any of the older nautilus machines. much of the information contained there is practically impossible to find elsewhere. Jacob (CA)

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Bill Casto.  With his help, I  now have six Nautilus machines in my gym -  four  which he served as the broker between me and a school,  two others which he sold directly to me.  It is remarkable to meet someone who knows so much about Nautilus machines, who is honest about his work, and who is  helpful in his transactions.  For example, in our last transaction, Bill came to his warehouse on a Saturday , broke down two machines, helped write down directions on how to reassemble the machines, and then helped load the parts into a cargo van.  This was done while we talked about our common interest in Nautilus.  It has been an enjoyable experience dealing with Bill, and I highly recommend him to anyone interested in the buying or selling of exercise equipment.   Jim (Ohio)

Thanks for making the transaction go smoothly. The equipment I received from you exceeded my expectations as far as condition. I look forward to doing business with you again and would definitely recommend anyone considering you to rest assured you are a pro at what you do!  Also I would like for you to locate a commercial grade treadmill and a rowing back for me.     Mike (Oklahoma)

In 2005 we were introduced to Integrated Fitness as a source of used equipment for our new community exercise center and purchased 9 items.  All were used but were substantially in excellent condition.  2 years later we purchased 2 ellipticals which were delivered in excellent condition.  This month we purchased 3 more pieces which I would consider in almost new condition.  Our center is operated by the local Lions Club and all patrons are well pleased with the equipment and we are especially happy that no major maintenance of used equipment has been needed.  Thank you for delivering quality equipment.  Hardin Illinois

I can't say enough about my buying experience with Bill Casto and IFR.  I am a very particular person, not the easiest customer for sure.  Over the course of almost 2 years, Bill entertained my many inquires with enthusiasm and expertise.  Then one day, I received the call I had been waiting for; four days later, I had a pristine 8-piece 2nd generation Nautilus Circuit at my home!  I have happily canceled my gym membership since then and now my family has a convenient and first class facility in our basement!    Well done Bill!    Mike (New York)

Bill, It was great to meet you in person! The Multi Exerciser is now home, and I will get it in the basement this weekend.  AND the parts you supplied and information are going to good use, too! You ARE the 'go to' person for any and all things Nautilus, especially the vintage pieces, which I think are the best. Not to mention the wealth of information!   Thanks again,  Keith  (Michigan)

I am long time Nautilus user way back when (late 70's early 80's).  Recently my wife and I were able to obtain some equipment for our personal use.  Of course we had to have more equipment and support what we had procured (used Nautilus equipment). We located this web site.  We developed communications with Bill.  Bill a is very likeable person, he is very knowledgeable and real with his perspective on the entire line of Nautilus equipment and supporting logistics.  We sent him money for parts and equipment, he coordinated the delivery like clockwork.  We were pleased with the thorough communications before shipping, during, and follow up.  He has a great delivery system in play with Dave Goalder. trucking.  We live on the opposite coast from Dave, we definitely are pleased and look forward to our next transaction with Bill.   Brian & Pam (Washington State) 


Thank you for setting up this deal - You Are AWESOME!   I am fully recovered from last weekends Ohio trip/pickup and I can honestly say I am very very Very satisfied with all the equipment.  Thank you for all your tips you had drilled into my head prior to the pickup.   My first dealing with IFR was a complete success and I look forward to dealing with IFR in the future!!!!!      Tim   (Illinois)


For anyone who is reading this and thinking of purchasing exercise equipment I would strongly recommend dealing with Bill Casto. I was looking to start a home gym for myself and had a very specific idea of the machines I wanted. I found some first generation Nautilus machines on Bill's website and called him immediately. I called Bill almost daily for 2 weeks asking question after question. He was always very helpful, very knowledgeable and never seemed to be tired of helping a potential customer. When I made it to Rochester to pick up the machines Bill took great care in disassembling the two giant machines I had decided to purchase, while showing me exactly how everything worked so I would have no trouble reassembling them at my house. He also gave me original assembly diagrams to help with the process. (They were very helpful). Bill's prices were more than competitive with anywhere else that had similar machines and to make things even better the one machine and been refurbished and was in almost new condition.  Bill's level of service, honesty and commitment to help me with any problems, including a mix up on my end of things after the purchase were very much appreciated. If I can free up some more room in my basement for more equipment Bill will be the first person I call. 

Michael  (Ontario Canada)


Bill, Just wanted to let you know I got my multi-exercise machine yesterday, the pictures on the site did not do it justice: BEAUTIFUL.  I want to thank you again for all your help. Most people just try to make a buck and run. You honestly cared about making me happy with my purchase and answered any and all questions that I had. I will recommend you to all, you went above and beyond the call of duty!!!       Tim (Maryland)


Bill, Just wanted to let you know I am extremely pleased with the machines that you sent. You delivered just as promised and the machines are exactly as you described them. Also as far as delivery Dave did a great job and was a true professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you highly to anyone who is in search of fitness equipment.      Scott (Michigan)


I recently purchased four pieces of used commercial Nautilus equipment from IFR for my home gym.  The previous owners used IFR to maintain the equipment since it was new.  As a result, this equipment was in perfect shape.  Bill Casto was extremely helpful throughout the entire process (from equipment selection to delivery).  Both Bill and his assistant Ray provided expert instruction during the dismantlement and transportation of the equipment.  As a result, the equipment is now in my basement and working perfectly.  I wanted to reassemble the equipment and found that the direction that IFR provided during the dismantlement allowed me to do so with no problems.  I feel that the equipment was an excellent value and that the overall experience was outstanding.  I will look to Bill for future purchases and would definitely recommend IFR to anyone looking for top quality exercise equipment, great pricing, and excellent service.         Bob (New York)


I received the Reverse Hyper last night and it was in excellent condition.  Thank you so much for your time and patience on the whole buying/shipping process.  If I am ever up in your area I will definitely try and make it to your showroom.  Calvin (North Carolina)


We are writing to thank you for the great piece of Hammer Strength equipment. It came in very good shape and has been a wonderful addition to our home gym. The shipper that you recommended was pleasant and on time, a definite plus. Leg day just wouldn't be the same without it. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.   We also wanted to let you know that we appreciate your quick response to our questions regarding shipping, measurements, etc. I try to respond to my own customers as quickly as I can and it's nice to see someone else who does the same.  We look forward to doing business with you again in the future.   P.S. Nobody could beat your price! Paulette (Massachusetts)


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