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AJ Quotes

If you like exercise, chances are you’re doing it wrong.


Don’t look for ways to make an exercise easier, look for ways to make it harder.


The first repetition is always the most dangerous repetition… and the last repetition, when you are simply not strong enough to hurt yourself, is always the safest.


When the intensity of an exercise is increased, the amount of exercise must be reduced.  When you train harder, you must train less.


Workouts are for the purpose of building size and strength, not for the purpose of demonstrating strength


It took me twenty years to learn that two sets are better than four, and twenty more years to learn that one set is better than two


A workout can be hard or a workout can be long.  There is no such thing as a long hard workout.


Exercise merely stimulates growth, it does not produce the growth.  Changes that result from exercise are actually produced by the body itself.  During rest.


If race horses were trained as much as most bodybuilders train, you could safely bet your money on an out of conditioned turtle.


Nautilus machines enable you to train properly.  They don’t make you train properly.


A properly performed set on the Nautilus Compound Leg machine, should leave you feeling you just climbed a tall building with your car tied to your back.


You should find it necessary to sit down.  If you merely “feel like” sitting down, then the set wasn’t hard enough.


Practice makes perfect; as long as you practice perfectly.  Practicing mistakes makes for perfect mistakes.

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