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Medx Avenger FAQs

What makes Avenger Training System™ different?

Avenger Training System™ is unique for several reasons. In order to bring Avenger Training Systems to the market, MedX has assembled top notch engineering, management, and sales teams which have a true passion for strength training. Additionally, integrity selling is a hallmark of the company. This assures that the product is sold at the same fair and honest price to all customers and not artificially inflated to give the illusion that a discount amounts to a deal.

Expert Input In designing the Avenger Training System™ we have listened to suggestions from customers/coaches of the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, major colleges, high school teams and from operators of the finest health clubs. Excellence without arrogance is paramount to our success. We are excited about our new line and the feedback that we have received from the professional strength coaches and fitness professionals who have replaced their current plateloading leverage equipment and who have invested in Avenger Training System™. This response has exceeded our expectations. The years of experience in the field, the understanding of equipment design considerations, the passion for training, and integrity selling will enable us to bring some fresh air to an industry more concerned with fancy marketing campaigns and hitting sales quotas than fulfilling customer strength training needs.

Unmatched Warranty - Avenger Training System™ has a 10-year warranty on frames and a 5-year warranty on parts and labor. Concerning labor, this is four years longer than our closest competitor. This is the strongest warranty in the industry.

What design features are unique to Avenger™ ?


Great Feel - Since no single application works for every machine, Avenger Training System™ utilizes four-bar linkage, six-bar linkage, cams, and offset levers to accurately vary the resistance. We employ the method most suitable for each particular machine.
Through use off the MedX testing equipment in designing its resistance curves, Avenger Training System™ has the most accurate and "perfect feel" of any machines on the market. This is because resistance curves are matched to changing biomechanical advantage along a full range of motion for the targeted muscle or muscles. The resistance curves are designed from collected test data of isometric force output at sequential angular positions for each exercise.

Plate Management - Avenger Training System™ has a complete Olympic weight plate storage management system – included on all machines at no extra charge. Each weight storage horn is designated for a specific size plate (i.e. 45’s, 35, 25’s, 10’s, 5’s, 2.5’s). This not only saves space (auxiliary weight tree consume 25-sq. ft. of floor space) but also assists in keeping the weight room orderly with the weight plates in their correct area.

Ease of Loading - The weight loading points on most machines are at waist-to-chest level. This minimizes the constant strain on the low back for strength coaches who have to consistently bend over to load and unload the machines. Coaches suggested this feature and we listened.

Quality Materials - As with the MedX Premium Selectorized line, Avenger Training System™ is built with heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel and utilizes the finest upholstery. This is why our equipment is the heaviest in the industry.

Are Avenger Training System™ machines expensive?

Since value is defined as a fair return or equivalent in money, goods, or services for something exchanged, it is fair to say that Avenger Training System™ machines are perhaps the finest value in the strength training equipment market. If one were to factor in the tremendous utilization of Avenger Training System™ machines with their extraordinary longevity, Avenger Training System™ machines are an economic bargain. If you are thinking about purchasing plate loading strength training equipment, ask an engineer what they feel is the finest designed equipment for the money. Avenger Training System™ will be the hands down winner.

Best Investment Value - Low priced, off-brand equipment is cheap only at the point of initial purchase – then it gets expensive! It is expensive because poor manufacturing processes and flimsy materials mean that the machines will not stand up long under heavy use. Facilities end up having to buy new equipment in two to three years. Also, virtually all of the inexpensive, off-brand equipment is poorly designed and its function does not encourage training adherence. What kind of message is this sending to your members or athletes? If you want the best results buy the best. It just so happens that the best is also economically the best!

Avenger Training System™ has already factored in its discount when it establishes its retail price. Attempting to get a price list out of some companies is impossible. Pricing has become a virtual shell game. With Avenger Training System™ you will pay the same price as the person down the street not a cent more. Avenger Training System™ is different! 

What is the history of the Avenger Training System™?


There is a distinguished and storied makeup of the individuals who have brought the Avenger Training System™ Plate loading Machines to the market. They have been directly involved in the development and introduction of NautilusÔ and Hammer StrengthÔ strength training equipment. Having a tremendous passion for strength training and a commitment to building the finest strength training machines are the driving forces behind the Avenger Training System™.

Work of MedX Founder - There may be some room for debate as to who developed the first commercially viable plate loading strength training piece. It was probably Arthur Jones, founder of MedX, who designed the original Nautilus™ Pullover Machine in the late 1970s. The first series of Nautilus™ machines were in fact plate loading. In 1980 the Corbin-Gentry Company introduced plate loading leverage strength training pieces. Several of the pieces had a nice feel but the machines never took off. Arthur Jones and Nautilus™ introduced their plate loading leverage pieces in 1985. The history goes that over lunch one day Arthur Jones sketched out on a napkin some machine designs for leverage machines. One of the individuals at the luncheon was the top prototype manager at Nautilus™. He took Arthur’s napkin drawings and built the first plate loading leverage machines for Nautilus™. The machines were intended to provide safe, effective exercise for facilities that had budget considerations. In addition, the machines could be loaded with heavier resistance than the weight stack machines. The machines were successful, especially with the Midwest distributor for Nautilus™.

Arthur Jones sold Nautilus™ in 1986 and in 1988, the Midwest distributors for Nautilus™ started Hammer Strength™. Their mission was to build a better plate loading leverage machine than Nautilus™ was building. At the core of their company was a passion for strength training. They took plate loading leverage machines to a new level. In November of 1997, Hammer Strength™ was sold.


Heritage Reclaimed - In January of 1998 a better plate loading leverage line was born. That's when MedX, which has a reputation in the industry of engineering superiority, decided to build plate loading leverage machines. MedX has a 30-year history in the strength-training industry, dating back to the development of Nautilus™. No expense in time or money has been spared to produce better plate loading leverage equipment. This is not a "knock-off" of what currently exists. This is a totally improved line.

We know what problems exist with the plate loading machines currently on the market and how to improve them. We have listened to suggestions from customers for over 1½ years, and continue to monitor our equipment in the field.

Avenger Training System™ is primed to become the new leader in plate loading leverage equipment. The decades of experience, the understanding of equipment design considerations, the passion for training, and integrity selling will enable us to bring some fresh air to an industry more concerned with fancy marketing campaigns and hitting sales quotas than fulfilling customer strength training needs.


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