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I have buyers looking for the following machines

Nautilus Behind Neck/Pulldown
Nautilus Compound Position Bicep
Nautilus Duo Squat
Nautilus Double Chest
Nautilus Hip Extension (2st)
Nautilus Neck & Shoulder (ng)
Nautilus Pullover (plate loaded)
Nautilus Pullover (2st)
Nautilus Rotary Neck
Nautilus Seated Calf
Nautilus Super Forearm
Nautilus 4 Way Neck (2st)
Nautilus 4 Way Neck (power plus)
Any Spider Cam machines
Medx Avenger Leg Press
Medx Exercise Lumbar
Medx Medical Leg Extension
Medx Lateral Raise
Medx Avenger Lateral Raise
Other Brands
Flex Bisolator
Critian Leg Machine
David Low Back
David Abdominal
Pendulum/Rogers Hip Press (original version)
Strive Plate Loaded Bicep Curl
Rogers 5 Way Neck
Any Super Slow System machines
Any RenEx machines
If you own one of more of these machines, and would consider selling them, please contact me at 585 415-3234 to discuss
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