Power Plus Leg Press

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Updated on 10/20/16

Nautilus Behind Neck (1st Gen)

Nautilus Double Shoulder

Nautilus 10 Chest

Nautilus Double Shoulder

Nautilus 2st Low Back


Nautilus Next Generation Bicep Curl & Tricep Extension - Sold as a pair

Nautilus Low Back - Modified

Medx Avenger Overhead Raise

Hammer Strength Twist

Nautilus Shoulder Press

Nautilus Super Pullover

Nautilus Rowing Torso

Hammer Strength 4 Way Neck

Nautilus Leverage Mid Row - Rare

Pendulum Multi Press

MedX Pulldown

MedX Lateral Raise

Hammer Row

Nautilus Freedom Trainer

Nautilus Duo Hip & Back

Nautilus NG Rotary Torso


Nautilus Smith Machine

Nautilus XPLoad Leg Press

Nautilus Rowing Torso

Nautilus Lateral Raise

Cybex Forearm

Nautilus OME

Nautilus Neck & Shoulder

MedX Bicep Curl & Tricep Extension

Nautilus Super Forearm

Nautilus Duo Leg Press

Nautilus Bench Press 3

Nautilus Duo Squat

Nautilus Next Gen Seated Dip