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Bill Casto

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Univ of Pittsburgh


Mechanical Engineering


I've spent my entire career working with commercial exercise equipment.  In high school and later while in college, I worked at several health clubs in Pittsburgh, PA in the late '70s and early '80s.  Both of the clubs where I worked had circuits of Nautilus equipment, along with some basic free weight stations, and a couple of Lifecycles.  Sound familiar?  At this time, three important aspects of my early career were converging.  I was studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, while working at the clubs, and totally becoming obsessed with Nautilus equipment; both as a training tool, but also with the science behind the design.  I became friendly with the local Nautilus Sales Rep and began to read everything that I could about Nautilus, Arthur Jones, Ellington Darden, etc...  

About the time when I graduated college, I had the opportunity to attend one of the regional Nautilus seminars held  in Cincinnati, Ohio where I met Gary Jones.  Gary was running the Nautilus chrome plant in central Texas, and I was determined to get a job with Nautilus.  Gary agreed to basically give me a "workout" in the factory.  So I drilled holes, bent steel, welded, and did some assembly.  If he liked what he saw, and I was still interested, we would talk about a job.  The week passed, we talked, and about three days later I was driving back to Texas to start my career as an engineer for Nautilus.  I worked as a production engineer for the next 3+ years.  My primary function was to troubleshoot and resolve any production related issues.  I also was responsible for adapting the components of machines that were designed in Virginia so that they would be able to be chrome plated.  I was privileged to work directly with Gary on a new line of equipment called Leverage, which later became Hammer strength equipment.  Another highlight of my years in Texas was a trip to the Independence, Virginia Factory where I spent a week learning production on a much larger scale. 

In late 1987 things were changing rapidly.  Arthur Jones had sold the company to one of his distributors and another opportunity presented itself, so once again I found myself on the move. Nautilus offered me a  commercial sales position in Upstate New York.  I took that position and moved to Rochester, New York in February 1988.  Working as the regional rep for the next three years, I was able to establish relationships with  athletic directors, strength coaches, health club owners, and other fitness professionals.

After a few short years working with Nautilus as a sales rep, another opportunity presented itself.  I called several of my customers, and asked one basic question.  "If I start a service and repair company, would you hire me to provide maintenance for your Nautilus machines?"  The response was overwhelming and I started Integrated Fitness Resources (IFR) in June 1991.

So, for the past  25+ years I have designed, repaired, reconditioned, bought, sold, traded, and moved Nautilus machines from every era.  An occasional treadmill or elliptical repair has also taken up some of my time.

Please feel free to call me at 585 415-3234.


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